“The Little Mermaids Lullaby”          By- Amanda L.T. Smith I never understood the world until now… Its so dark… I always thought there could be good in everyone… But not him… He lied to me and my family… I can see why my father wanted me to stay away from the world… So id be safe and stay pure and not know how the world was… I never realized how much words could really hurt a person… The ignorance leads to believing lies… The devil in his crafty ways… God, I see what youre saying now… I always thought how could a world so wonderful be so bad? Then I stepped out into the world and I began to know their ways and now I know why you kept me from it… I dont belong here, Daddy. I never did. You say youre coming back soon, and everything were dreaming of will soon be ours… That hope keeps me going, knowing happiness is on its way, that youre one step closer to me… How soon… How soon… When can I weep over your shoulder and say I love you, I love you? Soon… Soon… How soon? Please come back soon. Please. This world hurts me. You tell me who I am and who I am in my heart of hearts, I am your pearl… What a melody to sing of you and me. Im waiting for the earth to shake and the sun and moon to exchange their way, so I can walk with my family, show them your ways, and then be wrapped in your arms. Your Daughter, Your mermaid, Your pearl, Amanda